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Date: 17th December 15
Headline: Ray Price RIP

We are sorry to hear of the passing of HD Racing legend Ray Price. We had the pleasure of his company a number of times over the last years and was the recipient of his hospitality on more than one occasion at various races he attended. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends. Godpseed Ray.

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Date: 17th December 15
Headline: "More Fives before Sixty Five”

Redneck Express Year end wrapup (Cliff Notes Version) and forward look to 2016.

Redneck Express Race 1 2015 Report

Manufacturers Cup Motec In Control Drag Series
South Georgia Motorsports Park
April 10,11 and 12, 2015
Rain wins out
Friday Qualifying Round 1.
The Bike drops a hole right at the hit, resulting in a 3 cylinder run and the bike drifts to the right and takes out a foam block, disqualifying this run.

Saturday Qualifying round 2.
Chris stages, the bike leaves but a cylinder is firehosing and again a 3 cylinder pass to a 6.48
Sunday is rained out

Redneck Express Race 2 2015 Report

Man Cup HTP Performance Nationals
presented by the Motec In Control Series
Memphis International Raceway
June 20,21 2015
Also known as the melt the skin off your face Nationals
Belts,Belts BOOM
Saturday Qualifying Round 1.
It is already hot and getting hotter by the hour.
Chris stages, the bike attempts to leave the starting line but instantly the rear tire goes up in smoke clearing all the teeth off the blower belt.
Saturday Qualifying round 2.
Chris stages, the bike leaves, gets a little farther down track this time but drops a cylinder and spits the blower belt off again.
Saturday Qualifying round 3.
Chris stages, the bike leaves, flames 8 to 10 feet off the rear of the bike then about 80 feet, BOOM! The blower gets blown off the intakes, Chris is engulfed in a fire ball as this happens. The left side of the cylinder block is missing when they return. The bike comes back without belt one still intact.
Race day Sunday
Due to unforeseen issues this is the ONLY Elimination round 1 we did not appear in this year.

Redneck Express Race 3 2015 Report

DME Presented by MoTeC In Control Event at Rockingham Dragway
August 22,23 2015

Regaining the HAND-le on the tune ups

Saturday Qualifying Round 1.
The decision is to not make the first round with the time and engine restraints.
Saturday Qualifying round 2.
During the push back fuel is seen dripping from under the front air dam and we are forced to shut off.
Saturday Qualifying round 3 / Last ditch effort.
Chris stages, the bike leaves, and massive flames 8 to 10 feet off the rear of the bike and the bike is hauling ass!. The bike stays lit until Chris clicks it at about 1000 ft. still running a 6.107@195.17 MPH! We needed a good pass.
Race day Sunday, Round 1
Chris pre-stages, Sharon turns on the Racepak, Tire and Track temps are taken Chris stages, the bike leaves, hard and is running good until the 1/8 mile and starts to send up smoke signals, then about 1000ft it lets loose with a big smoke screen behind the bike, running a 6.359@174.12 MPH! We have decent front half numbers from these last two runs.
Race day Sunday, Round 2
Not wanting to hold up the eliminations the hard decision is made to tell Jay that we would not be making the call for second round even though we had lane choice on Larry.

Redneck Express Race 4 2015 Report

MoTeC In Control Drag Racing Series
Mann Hill Garage World Finals
presented by Kibblewhite Precision Machine
South Georgia Motorsports Park
November 13-15, 2015

“One Run at a time”

Friday Night Qualifying Round 1.
We do not make this pass due to time constraints.
Saturday Qualifying Round 2.
Chris leaves pretty good but about 200 foot out the blower decides to separate itself from the intake boots, ending this run with no numbers to look at and the Racepac also decides to not record data either.
Saturday Qualifying round 3.
Chris makes a good looking pass, (although the 6.286 @ 215.37, contradicts the visual), until about 1000 foot the dreaded smoke signals reappear from the left side of the bike.
Race day Sunday, Round 1
Chris stages, the bike leaves, hard and is running good until the 1/8 mile and starts to send up smoke signals, again then about 1000ft it lets loose with a big smoke screen behind the bike, running a 6.48 @ 167.41 MPH. We defeat Chris Hannam and we move on to round 2.
Race day Sunday, Round 2
Chris stages, the bike leaves, good and immediately drops #1 cylinder and the rest of the cylinders follow suit at about 1000 feet. Running out to a 7.613 @ 158,59, and we are defeated by Dave Vantine.

The 2016 Redneck Express motto will be “More Fives before Sixty Five”...

The preparations for 2016 include, taking the bike down to bare frame and rechecking everything, revisiting the fuel system, including the superchargers and fuel pumps. And every other detail that is on the bike.
We look for more consistent performance, and a return to the Five second zone that we know the bike is capable of.
We are approaching the ManCup 2016 5 race season with renewed vigor, and anticipation for better and more consistent performances.

We would like to thank all of you for your support of the
Redneck Express!! Thanks!!!!
Thanks to Pingle, Barry Van Hook and Dunigan Racing for their support of Top Fuel.

We would like to recognize and thank our sponsors:
PECO Foods
Huneycutt Engineering
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Mickey Thompson
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Date: 15th December 15
Headline: Job retires

We were very sorry to hear that Dutch Superwtin racer and good friend of King Racing Job Heezen has announced that he is to retire from racing. He says that the effect of an old injury contributed to his decision.

"I had a crash on a drag bike some fifteen years ago and in that crash one of the three muscles which keep my right shoulder in place was severed", Job said. "At the time they were not able to operate because the whole thing was too complicated. I can still carry out my day job without major trouble but last season I had a big problem which made it hard for me to keep the throttle open. Also it was taking weeks to recover after a race. That is not the biggest issue but I don't want to go down the track on that kind of bike without the strength to control it when things get nasty.

"So, I had to take the tough decision to stop racing and to sell the bike which has not been easy after a racing career of more than twenty five years. We will miss the racing a lot as well as everything which goes with it, not least Santa Pod Raceway and all the good people there.

"My bike has been sold to Bruno Salesse in France and as part of that deal I have his previous bike which is for sale. I hope that Bruno will go to race with the guys in England and I will see you all at the track from time to time.

Date: 15th December 15
Headline: Another all-RS Motorsports Final to Teasley

Roger Starrette’s RS Motorsports stable of nitrous-huffing Kawasaki ZX14s returned to the track in a big way at the Kibblewhite/Mann Hill Garage Manufacturers Cup World Finals at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Starrette qualified number 2 just behind number 1 qualifying teammate Jeremy Teasley, and that’s the way eliminations ended as well as both RS ‘14s raced their way to the final. The win secured another championship for Teasley, who’s mostly owned Real Street across multiple racing series since the class was invented.

Watch all of the action and hear interviews with Teasley and Starrette in this video:

Roger Starrette thanks Adams Performance, and the whole RS Motorsports team.

Jeremy Teasley thanks Starrette, Brock’s Performance, Ryan Schnitz and Schnitz Racing, and 1-Stop Speed

This report was prepared by Tim Hailey. Enjoy everything there is to read, see and watch about motorcycle drag racing and more at

Date: 13th December 15
Headline: Portable Shade at PRI

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