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The ACU British Dragbike Championship

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The ACU, founded in 1903, is the governing body of all Motorcycle Sport throughout
the British Isles excluding Ireland.

The ACU / UK Dragrace Championship is the only officially recognised series for motorcycle dragracing in the UK and is the pinnacle of the sport within these Isles.

It takes place over several rounds (click here for race dates) at various permanent tracks within the UK, and comprises five classes of machine:

Top Fuel Bike
  The fastest and quickest class, reserved for machines running
  Nitromethane as a fuel, and generally featuring four cylinder
  supercharged engines.

  For extreme machines with an exaggerated stock looking appearance. Generally turbocharged
  and / or with Nitrous Oxide injection.

Prostock Motorcycle
  For normally aspirated petrol fuelled machines with a stock looking appearance and handicapped  
  by minimum weights for a bike plus rider

Superstreet Bike
  For race machines with stock looking appearance but running street legal treaded tyres and no  

Competition Bike
  For all machines that do not fit into the above categories (but also open to those that do).


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ACU Contacts:

The Championship Co - ordinator is Ian King, , telephone +44 1763 853985, and he should be contacted for all issues relating to the championship and it's rules.

The Auto Cycle Union
ACU House
Wood Street
CV21 2YX

Tel: +44 (0) 1788 566400
Fax: +44 (0) 1788 573585


ACU Championship Records
As of October 24, 2017 (Quarter mile times and speeds)
ACU Street Bike ET: 9.059 secs Dean Williamson



MPH: 172.4

Dean Williamson



ACU Super Street Bike

ET: 6.998 secs

Steve Venables


Santa Pod

MPH: 207.12

Garry Bowe


Santa Pod

ACU Competition Bike

ET: 7.049 secs

Phil Brachtvogel


Santa Pod

MPH: 193.76

Sean Mills


Santa Pod

ACU Pro Stock Bike

ET: 7.067 secs

Dave Beck


Santa Pod

MPH: 188.22

Dave Beck


Santa Pod

ACU Funny Bike

ET: 6.703 secs

Neil Midgley


Santa Pod

MPH: 200.50

Lorcan Parnell


Santa Pod

ACU Top Fuel Bike

ET: 6.200 secs

Steve Woollatt


Santa Pod

MPH: 226.74

Renι van den Berg


Santa Pod


FIM drag racing, 2019:
  24th-27th May:
  FIA/FIM Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway, UK
  6th-9th June:
  Tierp Internationals, Tierp Arena, Sweden
  5th-7th July:
  FHRA Nitro Nationals, Kauhava, Finland
  16th-18th August:
  NitrOlympX, Hockenheim, Germany
  5th-8th September:
  FIA/FIM Euro Finals, Santa Pod Raceway, UK
            Click here for more race dates

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